Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 33 and counting

We are now 33 weeks and 4 day pregnant. I am so pleased our little ones do not want to make an arrival yet and show no signs of this at the moment. We received our last scan report from the hospital (Was done at 31 weeks 4 days ) and everything seems to be tracking well. There has been slight change in Baby B's weight and he/she has now dropped behind Baby A. As this is our baby that has to have the operation I was a little disappointed growth had slowed but this is expected with twins at this stage of the pregnancy. As of the date of the scan they are 1426gm and 1303gm give or take 10%.
Corresponding to a gestational age of 31 weeks 1 day approx.
We are due to receive our 3D scan shortly. We have not seen any scan pictures since week 20 of our pregnancy, Can't wait to see our babies again.

Now the checklist:
Paperwork - Check
Visas - Check
DNA test - Check
Baby Bag Packed - Check
Mum and Dad Ready - Check


  1. Ready as you'll ever be, right? ;)

  2. Your ahead of us, we haven't begun packing yet, just a pile of stuff in the middle of the babies room.
    Deep breath Candice & Michael, we're at the business end of things now,