Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life at Home

Well our little girl is now 6 weeks old. I can hardly believe it......... Our time in India now seems so long ago although it was less than a month since we got home. I am coping quite well and Miss mackenzie is the model child, so far although tired I have not had day naps or major meltdowns. She has been a little unsettled the last few days due to a slight cold/sniffles but for her this is just restlessness and a little bit a crying out for cuddles. I feel very lucky. My beautiful sister/good photographer came to visit today and took some lovely photos for us. I don't want to miss a minute because she is growing soo fast. She finally made over 6 pound (3 kg) this week and has grown 6 cm since birth. I am in the process of ditching the premmie nappies and moving onto newborns, she is also nearly too big for a couple of her 00000 suits and has starting wearing 0000.


Monday, April 11, 2011