Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are booked to go!!!! Look out Mumbai

We finally bit the bullet and booked our airfares. We fly out next Tuesday the 1st March and arrive 1.55 am Mumbai time the 2nd March.
I cannot believe we leave next week!!!!!!!!!!
Dr K has advised our babies will be 36 weeks on the 2nd March (We calculated 28th feb based on fertilisation). They will admit our surrogate to Hiranandani hospital then and will monitor for labour so she can be taken straight for a Caesarian if labour commences.
I am so proud of our surrogate for looking after our babies and making this milestone.
Our SM will have a scan at the hospital tomorrow, I hope the report arrives before we leave to Mumbai. I really would like to know an estimate of the weight of our babies.

Accommodation has been booked at the Rodas in Hiranandani and we may also spend a couple of days at the hospital until discharge of one of our babies. The operation that needs to occur for Baby B is still an unknown quantity, it really depends on how our baby is post birth on the outcome and recovery for the surgery.

Today is also my last day of work.............Not sure how I feel about this.
I have worked for my current company for the last 6.5 years and have never spent and extended time at home. But I am just about to commence on one of the most rewarding jobs in my life........becoming a mum.

March is going to be an exciting time in Mumbai.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 33 and counting

We are now 33 weeks and 4 day pregnant. I am so pleased our little ones do not want to make an arrival yet and show no signs of this at the moment. We received our last scan report from the hospital (Was done at 31 weeks 4 days ) and everything seems to be tracking well. There has been slight change in Baby B's weight and he/she has now dropped behind Baby A. As this is our baby that has to have the operation I was a little disappointed growth had slowed but this is expected with twins at this stage of the pregnancy. As of the date of the scan they are 1426gm and 1303gm give or take 10%.
Corresponding to a gestational age of 31 weeks 1 day approx.
We are due to receive our 3D scan shortly. We have not seen any scan pictures since week 20 of our pregnancy, Can't wait to see our babies again.

Now the checklist:
Paperwork - Check
Visas - Check
DNA test - Check
Baby Bag Packed - Check
Mum and Dad Ready - Check