Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scan results are here

Our anomaly scans were receive this week and to our relief all is fine and normal. The update read as below:

There are two live intra-uterine gestations of calculated gestational age 18 - 21 weeks with a thin membrane separating the liquors.

Fetus 1 :- On the right, position Variable. The foetal parameters are corresponding to a gest. age of 19 W 6 D. The estimated foetal weight is approximately 296 +/- 40 gms.

Fetus 2 :- on the left, Position Variable. The foetal parameters are corresponding to a gest. age of 20 W 1 D. The estimated foetal weight is approximately 322 +/- 45 gms

There are two distinct placentas seen. They are in the upper segment, right lateral in position for fetus one and posterior in position for fetus two. They are of maturity grading, grade I - II. There is no calcification present. There is no retro placental pathology.

The cardiac activity and fetal movements are well seen in these two fetuses. There is sufficient liquor. The fetal parts of both fetuses appear well formed with no obvious congenital anomaly seen. (Yippee!)

We were also lucky enough to receive around 20 scans, all of various parts of the twins. Here is my favourite (I have been telling everyone this is one of the twins waving hi!)

We are officially 21 weeks on Monday and the excitement builds every day. I am so excited about our baby shower which is planned for the 12th December. I thought this was little early, but with xmas and the new year fast approaching it will be February before we know it. Also this will allow plenty of time to work out what else we need for the babies. I have been banned from purchasing any more baby clothes....

The nursery has been measured for new plaster walls and will be done hopefully in the next month. Xmas is the deadline!

So for now we wait, we dream and we organise.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Officially Half way there

We have just ticked over the 20 week mark. Things are starting to feel real now especially when you look at how early some of the twins seem to be born in India.
It is hard to comprehend that in around 15-16 weeks our babies will be in our arms.

The abnormality scan is due this Thursday so we really can't wait to have that milestone past.
Also hoping for scan photos and also I have requested if SM would mind having a belly photo taken at this check up.

The spare bed is starting to overflow with baby items and we really need to get going with the nursery to make a home for all the beautiful things we have for the twins. I love to decorate and organise so this will be bliss for me.

We now have several items ready, our slings came today and I am soo happy with them. They are suitable from 1.5 kilos and will be so great at the airports travelling home. The only main issue at the moment is I need to buy a new car. I have a 4x4 that I absolutely love, but the back seat is just too narrow for capsules. At least I have a couple of months up my sleeve to sell it.

We are going to organise our DNA testing next month and do our visas all before the xmas/new year rush. this will be one more thing to tick off the list.

My sister and a good friend have organised our baby shower for December, I am excited and can't wait to celebrate with all our family and friends. I will be certain to take a few photos to share.

Hoping the pregnancy continues smoothly.