Monday, October 22, 2012

8 Weeks Pregnant today

Time to fill in the gaps and write a complete update.

Alot has happened in the last 2 months and we are very excited to be expecting again. Now to the scary part..........we are expecting twins!!!!!

Our first scan done at 6 weeks 6 days details were as follows and everything was on track. Our next scan will be around 9 weeks.

Fetus Number
C. R. L. in mms
G. S. Diameter
Gest. Age
FHR in bpms
20.8 mms
6 weeks 3 days
19.6 mms
6 weeks 5 days

We have been very blessed to fall pregnant on our first attempt again. I know it is still early days yet but we are remaining positive about the future members of our family.
We are feeling anxious about the twin pregnancy as we are all too aware of the complications that can occur. We are just praying and hoping for an event free "easy" pregnancy for our SM.

Corion once again have been great and we have a new wonderful Surrogate Mother (Things didn't work out time wise with Mack's SM) She has a beautiful kind face and we look forward to meeting her when we travel to India for baby pick up.
We are also very excited to be returning to India. It is a magical place that has given us soo much and we can't wait to spend some time with the wonderful people that make India what it is.

On a different news front there is alot happening at the moment affecting Australian parents pursueing surrogacy in India. Stay focused and have hope that all will be sorted and things will work out in the end. We are strong resilient people who can handle what is thrown at us!!!!!

P.s. I also have a teething 19 month old toddler who thinks she rules the house at the moment. Hoping my chilled out and happy little lady will emerge again soon :)



Thursday, October 4, 2012


Who noticed the new ticker on the right hand side of the screen???