Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scan has arrived

We are now in week 17 and the twins are travelling along just fine. I was getting a little nervous waiting for our scan but it arrived last night. I was a little disappointed with the quality of pictures this time. I was hoping for a really great shot of the babies to show everyone. Oh well the main thing is they are progressing as they should and our SM is feeling well.

At the time of scan our calculated GA is 17w 1d according to transfer date.

According to scan calculated gestational age is:

B1 17w 1d
B2 17w 3d

Below is a picture of B1 for your viewing pleasure!

I have started enquiring on accommodation this week and so far it looks like the Courtyard Marriot is the place to be for Surro families. New prices will be available in November so we will wait and see how they measure up.

I was asked by a work colleague last week how many weeks I was because I wasn't really putting on any weight!!!!!!! It's times like these that I can now just have a little giggle to myself and explain. I am looking forward to our future with our babies and now cannot view this journey as anything but a positive experience at this point.

I am having difficulty finding information on prenatal services - Do not think there is anyone else in my state going through the Surro journey!!!!!!
Going to call the hospital direct and see how I go?

1 more week and we are about half way for a twin pregnancy!!!!!!