Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Trimester

We are now 14 weeks and in the 2nd trimester. This must be cause for celebration!!!

It has been so encouraging seeing all the beautiful photos of our recent additions. A big congratulations to all the new mum's and dad's.

I love reading your updates but most of all the photos and the look of love and total committment to your little ones.
It's amazing, if we base birth dates around 36 weeks it means we are only 4 weeks off being half way through the pregnancy (Freakin out but can't wait)

I hope to share our next scan with everyone in about a week.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hoping for smooth sailing

We received notification this morning that our SM has been discharged from hospital and has returned to the surrogate accomodation. She is feeling well and has experienced no complications so far.

A scan was conducted pre discharge and we have received the written report.

B1 - CRL 69.8 FHR 156
B2 - CRL 66.2 FHR 160

These are all good numbers from my understanding.

I am looking forward to our next scan which will be around 15 weeks. From others I have seen these really start to show our babies more clearly.

On a personal note I am struggling to take a step back from the process. My life currently is ruled by checking emails, reading forums, blogs and researching on the internet. I am sure this s normal for anyone taking this journey but my husband worries about me.

I really need to find an outlet to help with winding down, relaxing and focusing on something else. I am thinking about maybe joining a gym (Wouldn't hurt, will need all the enery I can get to keep up with the twins)

I know for sure I will have to work on this independant streak when the twins come. No longer will I be saying no to any help I imagine!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's done........

We received the following update last night.

We did not want to take any chances and therefore admitted SM K to hospital post reduction to ensure complete bed rest. She had some slight discomfort for the first 2 days but is now doing fine. We expect to discharge her tomorrow.

We will repeat a scan again in 2 weeks.

This all sounds positive but I want to have confirmation of heartbeats. Now I am sure this would have been done in the hospital, just want to see it in black and white.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 12

Just about 3 months. I can't believe it!!!!

Reduction had been rescheduled for this Thursday so we definately have raised anxiety levels this week.


We made the decision to take the big leap and tell all our family and friends. We just couldn't keep it to ourselves anymore.

We shared the wonderful news at my 30th birthday celebration. We have about 60 of our family and friend and thought the opportunity was perfect. Wow did we shock everyone!!!!!!
They new we were trying but we had not let on we have made any attempts yet.
My sisters were crying and there were hugs all around. Just the most wonderful evening and one I will remember for a long time.

We brought a pram......... I know its still early but I have been keeping an eye on ebay for the emmaljunga twin (No longer available in Australia) and found a deal I couldn't pass up.
I figure worst case scenario I would relist.

Also have treated ourselves to a few unisex suits. I'm usually super organised so I will have to be careful not to go over board with preparation for the impending arrivals.

My to do list has now started and I would love to plaster out the spare bedroom for a nursery (Currently internal brick walls which are not pretty for a baby) so stay tuned........

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 11

This is the beginning of the week we would rather not think about.
We have our 2nd scan around the 8th September and Fetal Reduction will occur between 8th/10th if required (Very likely)


Let's not dwell on the negative but remain positive and think about the likelihood that we will be parents to twins next year.

Today is Fathers Day in Australia and it makes me so happy to see the look of happiness in my husbands eyes and the big grin on his face.

Next Friday is my 30th Birthday and we will be celebrating with family and friend on Saturday night. All going well we have decided to share our news. What better reason to celebrate!!!!