Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 29

We received the ANC update and our surrogate is still doing very well. We received another photo and in this one I think she looks proud to be carrying our babies.

We have also received the report giving more details around the heart anomaly. We are still waiting for the review scan which will be in about 2 weeks time.
It is called TAPVC of the supra cardiac variety. I am trying to stay away from researching everything I can find on the internet, but this is very hard and goes against my nature of wanting to understand everything.
This variety is the most common and does have a better prognosis than other varieties.

We will have follow up discussions post the next scan.

On a completely different note in a few days we enter week 30 of our pregnancy. Wow time has flown and it only seems like yesterday we got the positive pregnancy test. Now we are on the 8 week countdown :)

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  1. 30 weeks, what a huge milestone and accomplishment! We will continue to pray for a good 8 weeks of staying power, but with twins, we cannot make any guarantees :)