Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick Update

Time does seem to fly these days and I realised in has been nearly 4 weeks since my last update.
SM is still in the hospital, during the scan the sonologist thought that the amniotic fluid was low in one of the twins sacs. Another scan was performed by a sr sonologist and they confirmed it was adequate..... however the next scan again it looks as though he fluid is low so we are awaiting the report from the hospital again.
I feel for our SM who must be missing the companionship of the other SM's she has spent time with at he surrogate accommodation. I think about her and our babies everyday and there is a sense of helplessness.
At this stage the next review will be done in the new year.

Now on the home front......

Nursery is undercoated. (Photos soon)
DNA forms sent away.

Need to do!!!!
Book accommodation
Book Legals
Buy a travel bag
Talk to the travel agent

Oh my...................................

Better go do some painting!!


  1. I feel for your surrogate, and fortunately she is well taken care of and doing the best for the babies. I think time will fly for you now!!! Your need to do list will probably grow and grow!!!

  2. get moving on that nursery, you're nearly there!!!!