Thursday, December 2, 2010

Handling the Ups & Downs

This week reality gave us a big kick in the guts. Just to remind us I am sure how much is at stake!!!!

Our SM was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain with fever and body aches. I cannot describe how scared we were. I bravely held back the tears for 24 hours until the news came that all seemed to be fine. The obstetrician had examined SM and done an ultrasound. All was well with the twins. SM's fever had subsided. What a relief our SM and babies are OK. She is remaining under observation and has been put on Oral antibiotics just to be sure.

We are due for our next ANC check up next week so I am not sure how this will be affected, I suppose it will depend on when SM is discharged. I hope she is not too uncomfortable in the hospital.

Hopefully next update will be all about the next report we get on our little ones!!!!

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