Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back on the Surrogacy Train....stopping all stations

Its official, the decision has been made and we are planning a sibling for our beautiful daughter.
We had always thought a 2 year age gap would be perfect however did not realise how quickly this would come around.
Mackenzie is now 16 months old and the most adorable little girl. I have to stop myself calling her a baby all the time because she is an active toddler now.
We really are ready to welcome another baby into the family and think Mackenzie will make the best big sister ever.

Our Surrogate has been confirmed and the most amazing part is she was Mackenzies surrogate. We already have soo much love and gratitude to Mrs K and she is willing to do this again for us. How will we ever be able to repay such a blessing.

This time around it will be a FET cycle as we were lucky enough to have 8 frozen embies from our first cycle. I still feel confident about this as the results using FET with donor eggs are quite good.
Thought I would be feeling less stressed and excited this time but all those old feelings have come straight back to the surface....arhhhhh can I survive this again?

I promise to post some photos af Mackenzie very soon, too many downloads this month and internet is on go slow mode!

Best of luck to all and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Candice xx


  1. This is wonderful news. You are so lucky to have the same surrogate. What a beautiful scenario. Wishing you all the very best for a positive.

  2. Great news!!
    Look fwd to your photos and updates during your journey.
    Bet wishes, SJ & B xx

  3. That's great news!! Are you transferring two embies or just one?

  4. The big embie debate is on. After having been through the trauma of losing a twin its a big decision. We have a few more weeks to decide.....

    1. Hi Candice,

      Exciting times ahead. I am thrilled for you, and will be following your journey.
      Is the debate one embie or two?


    2. Yes, we both still want to put back 2 but we are not sure if we are ready to deal with a twin pregnancy again.

  5. Look forward to following your journey. Best wishes for a successive cycle.

  6. What wonderful news! Looking forward to lots of GREAT news to follow.