Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hoping for smooth sailing

We received notification this morning that our SM has been discharged from hospital and has returned to the surrogate accomodation. She is feeling well and has experienced no complications so far.

A scan was conducted pre discharge and we have received the written report.

B1 - CRL 69.8 FHR 156
B2 - CRL 66.2 FHR 160

These are all good numbers from my understanding.

I am looking forward to our next scan which will be around 15 weeks. From others I have seen these really start to show our babies more clearly.

On a personal note I am struggling to take a step back from the process. My life currently is ruled by checking emails, reading forums, blogs and researching on the internet. I am sure this s normal for anyone taking this journey but my husband worries about me.

I really need to find an outlet to help with winding down, relaxing and focusing on something else. I am thinking about maybe joining a gym (Wouldn't hurt, will need all the enery I can get to keep up with the twins)

I know for sure I will have to work on this independant streak when the twins come. No longer will I be saying no to any help I imagine!!!!!


  1. Glad all is good and on track!
    We found that taking baby classes at our local hospital was one way to stay connected (and stay busy)....and likewise writing often.
    Of course we all do the same routine of keeping up on emails, blogs, etc... embrace it and try and love the process too!
    Best wishes.

  2. Great news! I think stalking forums, blogs and email is keeping you connected to the process. To wind down is definitely the challenge! I think until you are home with babies, thats probably not in the cards. I think we surrogacy parents are on constant high alert until birth.