Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We are definately Very Pregnant

Finally we have our awaited first scan.

Now we new there was a chance of multiple pregancy but imagine our disbelief we report shows 4 viable featus with Heartbeats detected.

My first thought was how could we be so stupid to transfer this many but when faced with decisions when trying to get pregnant you do what ever you think will increase the chances.

I trust our Dr and know she will do everything to support us with the challenges that are ahead but for now I feel very overwhelmed.

The report also shows a very small blood clot so SM is on complete bed rest.

Results from scan below.

7 weeks
142 HB

6 weeks 6 days
143 HB

6 weeks 1 day
126 HB

7 weeks
141 HB

Next scan will not be 4 weeks. Time to keep myself very, very busy.


  1. First of all, CONGRATS on your pregnancy.
    For now, just celebrate what is good and start to read up on what may be ahead in your path.
    You are in very good hands! Best regards.

  2. 4 little embrios!! Congrats. Welcome into world of multiples, plus everything that Edward said, hope you understand.